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Our Parks 

There is something for everyone: coordinating, jumping, climbing, discovering, driving, building and the inner urge to climb everywhere can be lived out.

Anker 1

The toboggan run


Well thought-out play areas offer the children the greatest pleasure. Children experience rollercoaster feelings on our toboggan run.

Tobogganing is also possible indoors...

Anker 2

The Traffic Park


In our traffic park, our  children's cars can be driven through the park. Children interact with road users and also pay attention to traffic lights and noises in the traffic park.

The little ones really big

Anker 3

The Ball Cannons


Softballs can be shot from cannons in the ball cannon play area. "Who hits the target?"

direct hit!

Anker 4

jungle climbing park


Children can test their coordination and strength on our climbing wall.

Agility is required..

Anker 5

XXL Lego Park


Children's imaginations can be lived out in our Lego Park. From fairytale castles to pyramids, anything can be built.

For the little builders among us

Anker 6

pirate ship


On and in our pirate ship, everyone feels like they are on the high seas. The children immerse themselves in the world of pirates for a day. Who finds the treasure chest?

Pirate stories are being rewritten...

Anker 7

Ball slide 


Everyone will find a chat in our ball pool. Two slides lead directly into the balls and the fun begins.

A "room" full of balls

Anker 8

Soft football 


An indoor soccer field which invites young and old to play.

Fun for big and small

Anker 9



Find the way through our labyrinth. Puzzles and hiding spots await you along the way.

Come in find out!

Anker 10

air hockey


Air hockey tables have always been popular and still are today. A chat for big and small.

The classic!

Anker 11

XXL football table


Everyone knows football tables, but one for the whole family + friends? Yes, we have 8 people playing at one table.

Fun for big and small

Anker 12

crawl Obstacle Park


Every child likes to hide and discover new things. Every child is guaranteed to enjoy staying in our obstacle park and would prefer not to leave the park.

pure gaming pleasure!

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